About MSFocus Magazine

MSFocus is the flagship publication of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.* Since 1991, this quarterly magazine has been a trusted source for education and guidance in the MS community. MSFocus provides practical information on coping techniques and quality of life issues, as well as the latest information on research and treatment. It features first-hand accounts from people living with MS in their own words, and advice on managing the disease from renowned MS specialists.

Print and compact disc audio subscriptions are available by mail (within U.S. only) at no cost to MS patients, relatives, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, but the content of each issue is made widely accessible through this website, MSFocusMagazine.org. Additionally, the website features exclusive web-only content to supplement each print issue.

The purpose of MSFocus, as with all the MSF’s publications, is to empower those affected by MS with the information necessary to make the most complete and educated decisions concerning their healthcare. MSF does not advocate or endorse any specific treatment, healing modalities, or practitioners. The information presented in the publication and on this website is for informational purposes only. For specific advice, consult a healthcare professional. MSF feels that each person has the right to choose the treatments they feel are best, and therefore acts as a source of information, providing referrals to local resources and partnership in problem-solving. For assistance, call MSF’s national toll-free helpline at 888-MSFocus (673-6287) or email support@msfocus.org.

*To learn more about the MSF, please visit http://www.msfocus.org/about.aspx.