Early Signs and Symptoms of MS

By: Matt CavalloMultiple sclerosis is unique in that the signs and symptoms are unpredictable and can affect each person in a different way. According to the research, most people will experience the initial onset of their MS symptoms in their 20s to 50s. The same research reveals that of the 2.3 million people in the world diagnosed with MS, 66 percent are women. While MS affects each person in a different way, there are certain common symptoms that are associated with the early onset of the disease.
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Technology for Families and Caregivers

By: Joanne FortunatoCaring for someone with MS can be a big responsibility with many unique challenges. Overlap can easily happen when there are multiple people, whether family members or professional caregivers, involved in caring for someone. The result could be problems with organizing medications, appointments, or several other tasks. There are two types of technology that can help. First, an app for sharing important medical information. Then, support sites for loved ones and anyone else entrusted with giving care.
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Learning to Let Go

By: Jessica PetroffWhen you are first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, it can be extremely overwhelming – not just for you, but also for your family and friends. At first, you try to learn as much as possible about MS, so you can be prepared to advocate for your health and answer questions from family and friends. (At least, that’s how I was and still am.)
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How to Support a Family Member with MS

By: Annie BrewsterI love my husband, but he is the king of putting his foot in his mouth. In the beginning of our relationship, it took me a while to gather enough courage to tell him about my multiple sclerosis. I was terrified that he would consider me damaged, or a high-risk investment given the very real possibility of significant disability in my future. I finally blurted it out on our third date, after a glass of wine at dinner. “Oh, I have a friend from college who died of that,” he said.
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Adapting to MS’ Parenting Challenges

By: Shelley Peterman SchwarzI was so naive and unprepared when I became a parent. I was completely overwhelmed by the 24/7 responsibility. And I certainly didn’t expect to be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis! Every day, it seemed I lost physical abilities, and I didn’t have the energy or stamina of a normal 32-year-old mother. It was difficult and depressing for me, especially when I saw what other mothers were doing.
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How MS Affects the Family

By: Emily CadeMS does not exist in a bubble. Those with MS know that, while this condition affects them in ways many people cannot understand, it is not only the person with the disease whose life is touched. Their families are also affected, and, frequently, that brings about changes in family dynamics (the way family members relate to and interact with one another). But not all change is negative.
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iConquerMS provides patient powered research

By: Laura KolaczkowskiThe purpose of iConquerMS is to guide research that is meaningful and effective to people affected by MS. Through the online portal we can submit our own thoughts and research ideas. Has a researcher ever asked you what you want to have looked at in depth? Me neither! iConquerMS gives us the opportunity to change that and ask questions important to us.
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10 Evidence-Based Dietary Tips for Disease Prevention

By: Gay FalkowskiKnowing what to eat when you have MS can be downright confusing. After all, the jury is still out on dietary protocols aimed at delaying MS progression or reversing its effects. Yet, anecdotal "evidence" abounds on the Internet. So, what should you put on your plate? Foods that fill your nutritional needs and lower your risk of serious complications. Credible research has established which foods can help you be nutritionally fit and which foods can harm you, whether you have MS or not. To help you get started, here are 10 evidence-based dietary tips for disease prevention.
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Our MS Superheroes Five unforgettable Tales of people fighting against MS

By: MSF staffForget Spiderman, Batman and the Avengers. We offer you real heroes fighting multiple sclerosis every day and contributing to the larger MS community. As part of the 2015 National MS Education and Awareness Month®, and with your help, the MSF set out to find them. And you came through. Dozens of worthy nominations were made in the MS Superhero Awards, making it difficult to pick just three winners.
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AT Makes Cruising Smoother for Travelers with Disabilities

By: MSFocus staffDuring the past decade, hundreds of people with MS have discovered the joy of cruising with the Foundation aboard our annual MSF Cruise for a Cause®. For many of them, assistive technology has not only made the trip possible, but it has also made the journey much smoother.
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