7 msfocusmagazine.org Have Your Say At MS Focus we take our cues from you, the members of the MS community. The services we provide, the topics we address, the changes we advocate for are all guided by your concerns. So have your say. We welcome your questions, suggestions, opinions and feedback. Reach us at editor@msfocus.org, call 800-225-6495, or use the contact form on www.msfocus.org. question in the medical community, and the treatment is still considered experimental. However, strides are being made in deter- mining who the treatment is likely to benefit and how to deliver the treatment safely. You’ll be happy to know that HSCT is one of the advances addressed in this issue. See 2017 – A Year in Review by Dr. Ben Thrower and Jacqueline F. Rosenthal (page 54) to learn the latest news about this promising treatment. Dear MS Focus, Thank you for generously supporting the Harter family and their new home. We appreciate your kindness and generosity. Sincerely, Kena, Habitat for Humanity of Utah County Dear Kena, It was our pleasure. MS Focus is delighted to partner with other nonprofits that are working hard to benefit people with MS. Particularly when it comes to individuals or families that are undergoing a crisis, we reach out to sister agencies and work together to ensure that person or family’s safety. While different programs we offer may factor in, such partnerships are often funded through our Emergency Assistance Grant. This grant deals with the most critical, time- sensitive requests we receive – related to housing, water, electricity, and other basic needs. Learn more about this grant and its role in disaster relief on page 40 of this issue. We thank Habitat for Humanity for all their fine work and wish the Harter family years of health, safety, and most of all, happiness in their new home. Hi, MS Focus. Iwaswriting in reference toyoursuggestion to “tell us what you want to see in MS Focus Magazine.” I would like to see recipes from people living with MS. Some examples could be healthy recipes, healthy snacks, and 30 minute meal plans. Thank you, Tracy McCullum Dear Tracy, We love the suggestion. But if you want recipes from people living with MS, the important question is, what do our other readers think? Readers, if you’d like to see us share healthy recipes from real people with MS, send us yours! We’ll pass them along to Tracy, and we may just share them in a future issue of the magazine. Send your healthy, low-fuss recipes to editor@msfocus.org. While you’re at it, share your own suggestions for topics you’d like to see in future issues of MS Focus Magazine. We love hearing from you!