6 To all the wonderful staff at MS Focus: I would like to say, from the depths of my heart and soul, thank you, thank you for all your help. And how kind and considerate you were when my sweet wife would call and talk about getting help for my vehicle wheelchair lift! MS means to me that you are "Mighty Special." You are a blessing to me and the others who have MS. I, Dewey, and my wife Ernestine, say "thank God for you!" May God forever bless the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation for all you continue to do in helping others live a better life. Dewey and Ernestine Brown Dear Dewey and Ernestine, You've surely heard the saying, "God helps those who help themselves." We thank you for being willing to patiently and persistently work with us and the other agencies involved in supplying for your needs. As is so often the case with MS, your need exceeded the limit of ourgrant. However,you followed through on suggestions from our service coordinators, applied with other agencies and pursued other leads. Working together, we were able to find a way to meet your needs. We wish we could provide fully for all our clients' requests, but until the day our funding matches the needs of the MS community, we will continue to seek solutions byworkingwith other nonprofits, agencies, and community partners. Thank you, Dewey and Ernestine, for being active participants in the process. Dear MS Focus Magzine, I just received the latest magazine, very nice big issue. I was however once again disappointed in that there was no mention of HSCT. Why is it that the most effective treatment that there is for MS isn't even mentioned? Thank you for your time, Kevin Dear Kevin, We get this question quite frequently, despite the fact that we have included information about HSCT in numerous articles during the past fewyears, including full feature coverage. (Go to and search “stem cell” to find those articles.) There is such a hunger for information on this treatment that it seems there just isn’t enough information available to satisfy the appetite. That's because the treatment is still under study. Whether HSCT is “the most effective treatment that there is for MS” is still an open