WHEN MS RELAPSE Ask your doctor about Acthar, a prescription treatment option that has been shown to speed relief of multiple sclerosis (MS) relapse. Acthar may work by helping the body produce natural steroid hormones and also by affecting immune cells that may impact inflammation.* It can be self-administered whenever and wherever it’s right for you, per your doctor’s prescription. The Acthar Support & Access Program (A.S.A.P.) provides comprehensive support— in-home injection training, finding co-pay assistance, and more. H.P. Acthar® Gel (repository corticotropin injection) [H P AK-thar jel] What is H.P. Acthar Gel? Treatment for adults with acute relapses or flares of multiple sclerosis (MS). Studies have shown H.P. Acthar Gel to be effective in speeding recovery from an MS relapse. However, there is no evidence that Acthar affects the ultimate outcome or natural history of the disease. Acthar is injected beneath the skin or into the muscle. IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION You should NOT take Acthar before talking to your doctor if you have any of these conditions: A skin condition called scleroderma, bone density loss, any infections, herpes simplex of the eye, had recent surgery, stomach ulcers or history of stomach ulcers, heart failure, uncontrolled high blood pressure, have been given, or are about to receive, a live or live attenuated vaccine, or have allergies to pig-derived protein. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant. Acthar is injected beneath the skin or into the muscle. It should never be injected into a vein. Acthar can cause side effects similar to those with steroid treatments. It can cause adrenal gland changes which may cause symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome. People on steroids or with Cushing’s syndrome may experience: increased risk of infections; an increase in upper body fat, rounded “moon” face, bruising easily, or muscle weakness; increased blood pressure, body salt, and fluid; unpredictable response to vaccines; stomach or intestinal *While the exact way that Acthar works in the body is unknown, further studies are being conducted. This information is based on laboratory data, and how it relates to patient benefits is unknown. TAKE ACTION.