14 msfocusmagazine.org Health & Wellness our lifestyles. It is important to be aware of this and know that there are many things we can do to reverse this. Suggested resolutions for intellectual wellness: 1. Join a book club (social and intellectual). 2. Play memory games or problem-solving games. 3. Read or listen to a book for fun. 4. If you notice cognitive changes, see a speech therapist. Emotional wellness Whenweareawareandacceptingoffeelings and emotions, we are practicing emotional wellness. It is better to be aware of and accept our feelings than to deny them, and it is better to be optimistic in our approach to life than pessimistic. Emotional wellness contributes to the ability to balance work, family, friends, health, and other obligations. Suggested resolutions for emotional wellness: 1. Schedule time for yourself. 2. Recognize your strengths. 3. If you find that you do not have balance, seek guidance from a mental healthcare provider. 4. Know that it is very common and very treatable to experience depression whenyou have MS, so please seek help. Adaptability We now have a comprehensive list of things we can all do to be better in each category of wellness. One last thing to keep in mind is that to make these positive lifestyle modifications, we need to be willing and able. Adaptability is defined as the ability to make appropriate adjustments in thinking and behavior in the face of uncertain situations – to “go with the flow,” if you will. The ability to employ this trait may lead to an increase in overall wellness and prepare you to maintain positive changes. Suggested resolutions to be more adaptable: 1. Focus on opportunities rather than problems or loses. 2. Accept change as a part of life rather than fight against change. 3. Move on from disappointments rather than dwell on them. 4. Ask for help when needed rather than reject it. 5. Be open to new methods versus having a strict definition of the “right way” or the “only way”. And finally, I leave you with the most important resolution of all: “Be More Awesome than Last Year.” Hereisto2018beingthebestyet!Remember, you are in control of your wellness, not MS or any diagnosis.