Life with MS – A One-Click Resource

By Jay Hass

Let’s hear it for the 21st century! Information has never been easier to access, and with the help of online applications, those homebound and those living with disabilities can avoid traveling to state and federal offices and standing in long lines. provides “one-stop shopping” for information on government programs for those with disabilities. is a federal government website that provides comprehensive information about disability-related programs, services, policies, laws, and regulations. The site links to thousands of resources from many different federal government agencies, state and local governments, and nonprofit organizations across the country. In addition to providing easy access to information, the website allows users to add new resources daily to 10 main subject areas: Benefits, Civil Rights, Community Life, Education, Emergency Preparedness, Employment, Health, Housing, Technology, and Transportation. You’ll find information on topics such as Social Security benefits, job accommodations for employees with disabilities, accessible housing, and organizations in your state that can help you find a job or live independently. is an “information and referral” website. When you select a resource, you are linked to the authorized website of that topic. For example, if searching for information on the Medicare Insurance program, you will be linked to a new page and the application.
Information on volunteering, saving money, and advocating for yourself can all be found under the “Community Life” section of the website. Need to file a discrimination lawsuit? You will find all the advice and tools you need to get started. If you are interested in retirement, the Retirement Estimator gives estimates based on your actual Social Security earnings record.
With one click, the user is provided with a broad range of resources about transportation or housing-related issues. Look for the link to “Certain Developments Housing Vouchers for People with Disabilities.” Or are you thinking of college? This very helpful website can offer guidance and links for information about scholarships and financial aid. cuts through bureaucratic red tape and is a practical tool for getting what you want and finding what you need now.