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5 Forums to Keep MS Awareness in the Spotlight

By Gay Falkowski
There are many ways you can be heard and you don’t even have to leave the house to get your message out. Here are five easy-access awareness tools and ideas that anyone can use:
Social Media – Post about MS on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. How about starting a weekly ‘Monday MS Moment’ on your personal social media sites? It can be as easy as posting a fact about MS or even an MS-related meme. Or just share an item from the MS Focus’ social media sites. It’s a great way to start an online conversation and let your friends and family know what matters most to you. If they’re curious to learn more you can always steer them to the MS Focus’ Lending Library.
Blogging – You don’t need to be a great writer to create a blog, though it helps. You do need to have something interesting to say. Many people have created blogs about living with MS, and an entire community of MS bloggers continues to grow. For your blog, consider writing about many topics and hobbies that interest you, not just MS. That will connect you with people outside the MS community, so that when you do address MS issues, you’ll raise awareness in those who likely know little about the disease.
YouTube – People use this search engine for one reason – to find a video about something informative or entertaining. Create your own YouTube channel for MS awareness. Even if you don't make many videos, you can still give your audience great content by curating videos. Find videos that are related to MS, whether they give news reports or personal stories. All of these can be added to playlists and shared on your YouTube channel. For ideas, check out the MS Focus on YouTube.
Online comment sections – Every so often, MS makes the national news, usually when someone famous is diagnosed. Unfortunately, reporters don’t always get the MS facts right. Sometimes, inaccuracies come from the sources themselves. The comment sections that appear after online articles such as these offer an opportunity for setting the record straight about MS and pointing readers toward reliable resources, such as www.msfocus.org. The writer’s email address is sometimes posted, too. Reach out and let them know they can get accurate information about MS from MS Focus through its editorial staff, and healthcare advisory board.
Movers and Shakers – The MS Focus’ advocacy newsletter is a great resource for learning about the latest MS advocacy issues. You can also learn about opportunities to participate in studies and clinical trials related to MS. Subscribe at www.msfocus.org. Best of all, you’ll read about what others are doing in their hometowns to keep MS awareness efforts moving forward. Are you ready to add your voice?