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How Can We Help?

By Cherie Binns

In the Spring of 2021, several of us from MSFocus: the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation did a televised Town Hall meeting on Zoom to help inform our members and the MS Community at large of the services available through MS Focus. The webinar was moderated by Director of Communications Kasey Minnis. Derrick Lee, associate director of quality-of-life programs, shared the many ways MS Focus can help make you more comfortable and give you greater freedom in day-to-day life. Sherroll Peters, associate director of home care services, as well as head of emergency services, talked about our nursing assistant, housekeeping, and respite services as well as collaboration with other agencies to get our clients needed medical care, MRIs, and copay assistance. She talked about how the Foundation can, in certain circumstances, help with rent or utility payments. I joined the panel as an individual living with MS and an MS certified nurse. 

Even though I have had a relationship with the Foundation for nearly 20 years, there are times I really have to look for something I know they offer. As a result, I thought it might be nice for you to have a handy set of links to find what you need when you need it.

Programs and Grants: This link will help you to find some of the things you may need, such as a ride to appointments, cooling equipment, assistive devices, a laptop or refrigerator, and more.

Support Groups: Call 888-673-6287. Find out how to connect with a support group in your area or one that meets virtually.

Publications: Brochures, pamphlets, booklets, and more for free. Get downloadable materials or request hard copies of booklets on symptom management and lifestyle changes. Information is available in both English and Spanish for most.

Lending Library: Titles mailed to you with a postage paid return mailer for when you are done. Enjoy books in the comfort of your own home from the listed offerings.

MS Focus Magazine: Read regularly updated articles written by health care professionals and people living with MS on a wide variety of topics.

MS Focus Radio: Listen to podcasts, interviews, and the audio of programs that have been presented over the last few years focused on living with MS.

Videos: If you have seen a webinar or program advertised but could not catch it in real time, our programs now go live on YouTube about two to three weeks after they are presented live so you never have to miss something again. If you have questions about the use of medical cannabis, our medical director, Dr. Ben Thrower, does a series of videos on the function, history, and use in its various forms of these herbal medicinal preparations. You can also find the Town Hall we presented in April 2021.

Groups: Visit our public Facebook page if you are looking for others who may be experiencing something similar to what you are going through. Please put the reason you wish to join us when you answer the membership questions.

MS Focus Confidential: This our private, closed group for those living with MS where you are able to get support for things you may need help navigating. Note: no one without a working diagnosis of MS is allowed in the group nor are significant others so you are free to speak openly with each other.

If there are ways you need help that are not covered with these links, please feel free to call us tollfree at 888-673-6287 or email support@msfocus.org. We look forward to sharing this journey with you and providing the help you need. It should be mentioned the programs and funding are only available to those in the United States and Puerto Rico, although all of the audio and video content is available for worldwide use. Please let us know how we can help you.