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EmpowerSource Conundrum Contest 2018 Winners

With over 150 submissions, the Conundrum Contest was hugely popular among readers. Of our submissions, we had 62 feature all 3 correct answers. Then, a random drawing of correct answers gave us our three winners.
Congratulations to our three winners:
Debbie VanZee, Patty Ross, and Debbie Petri!

Here are correct answers to the contest questions:

Question #1.  The ages of a father and son add up to 66. The father's age is the son's age reversed. How old would they be?
Answer #1. The ages of the father and son could be, 51 & 15, 42 & 24, or 60 & 06

Question #2.What has a mouth, but cannot eat; moves, but has no legs; and has a bank, but cannot put money in it?
Answer #2. A River

Question #3.

Answer #3.


Thank you to everyone who participated!