Life with MS

Tips and Mobile Apps for Fuel Delivery and Savings

By Kimani Hendricks

For many people, the ability to drive is critical to maintaining independence. With adaptive controls, even individuals with loss of mobility or dexterity can often keep driving. But, whether due to fatigue or mobility differences, sometimes fueling and maintaining the car can be difficult. And of course, surging gas prices don’t help our stress levels. When MS-related symptoms interfere, consider the following ways to save money and obtain fuel within a few clicks from your cell phone.

Think UberEats or Instacart for gas

One way to keep moving is to utilize Yoshi – a four-wheel-drive full-service gas station. Operating across the United States for nearly a decade, Yoshi provides the works: contactless gas refills, interior and exterior washes, details, oil changes, etc., all at reasonable prices. You can choose either single or multiple services for one trip, and during your first month, you get free deliveries. Once you’ve downloaded the app from either Google Play or the AppStore, choose a desired date and time frame, use the pin on the map to display your vehicle’s location, and wait for Yoshi’s field technician to arrive.

The estimated arrival time is four hours following your request, but you receive text messages when they are en route. If the Yoshi tech cannot open your fuel door on their own, leave it cracked beforehand to avoid making another trip outside. Before they leave, you will receive a receipt and photographs detailing their service on your automobile. For additional information, visit; at the bottom of their homepage, all of their social media platforms are listed.

Ez peasy

EzFill is an on-demand fuel company that delivers directly to consumers for $4.99. Upon installing the app, one can receive 30 days of free service; unlike other gas and diesel delivery apps such as Booster, EzFill’s assistance also includes single automobiles. A relatively new operation, EzFill is yet to be nationally available. However, some Floridians may have already seen their trucks circulating parts of the southern and gulf coast. Before 2024, EzFill will also service citizens of Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. If interested, sign up for alerts at to find out when they’ll be in a city near you.

Getting there is half the battle

While contacting a local gas station by phone or utilizing the call button at the pump may be helpful, there are reasons why it might not be best. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, station employees are required to refuel a disabled individual’s car when needed, but if that attendee is working alone in the mini-mart, they must remain inside. To save precious energy and time, download fuelService, which lets you ‘know before you go’ if attendants can help before heading to a station. In collaboration with Shell, this application was specifically designed to support persons with disabilities. Drivers alert attendants when they park at the pump and get notified by the employee inside of their estimated arrival time. Payments are accepted without leaving the car using a feature within fuelService, Fill Up and Go. It is also service friendly to individuals who do not own smartphones.

Cash and GasBack


One thing that all of humanity would unanimously agree on is that finding ways to save money makes us gleeful. Upside allows Android and Apple users to receive cash back on fuel, restaurant, and grocery purchases. No points nor rewards, but cold hard cash. One can earn up to $.25 per gallon at nearly any gas station across the United States; what may seem like mere pennies actually goes a long way. Unlike EzFill, this app is free. When you create an account and profile, Upside provides various top listings in your area and displays the cash back percentages for each selection.

After choosing an offer, enter a preferred payment method to complete the transaction, submit or take a photo of your receipt, or ‘Check In’ to collect currency. Furthermore, its limitless opportunities to earn money back and the ability to combine outside discounts and coupons are certainly reasons for its 4.7-star rating and over five million downloads. However, one downside to Upside is its seeming rival, GasBuddy. With double the mobile downloads and nearly equal ratings, this application also allows one to earn by dining and shopping.

Rather than receiving cash back, one redeems GasBack, which automatically applies to 95 percent of gas pumps across North America. The earnings per gallon between GasBuddy and Upside are the same, but using a gas card is required if you’re gravitating toward GasBuddy; fortunately, their signup requires no credit checks or bill verifications, and you could use your card forever.

The Choice is Yours

When considering a previously mentioned service, research the ones you are interested in, weigh the pros and cons, and determine what’s right for you.