The Truth About Migraines to Multiple Sclerosis and More

Barbara J Tancredi, BSc CN
The difference between this book and all other books about migraines/multiple sclerosis is that it clearly lays out the underlying cause. Ask a doctor the cause of your disease, and you’ll likely be told “we don’t know”. But we do know. Ms. Tancredi clearly shows - only when you know the cause of a disease as devastating as migraines and MS can you stop its progression, begin healing damage already done, and prevent future damage – in yourself and your offspring. This book proves the one underlying cause. That cause has been watered down and lumped in with all the things going on. Thus, the cause is not removed; people are given dangerous drugs - only to worsen their disease year after year. If you want truth and clarity, you’ll find it here. You will learn what you can do with that truth to fully live out your life. This book is a bible of truths regarding health and disease. Barbara is a nutritionist, and has worked with healthcare professionals for over 30 years.