iConquerMS seeks participants for COVID-19 study

April 03, 2020
iConquerMS, together with researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital, are conducting a study to understand how people living with MS have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The study is open to everyone, whether or not they have been diagnosed with, exposed to, or have symptoms of COVID-19. Information gathered through this survey will help people affected by MS and their doctors during the current pandemic and in the case of future viral outbreaks.

Participating in the COVID-19 in MS study is easy:
  • Go to www.iConquerMS.org, click “Join Now,” and provide your email address.
  • Participants will receive an email from iConquerMS. Click the link to return to iConquerMS to set up a password and complete a brief profile.
  • Click on “COVID-19 Survey” in the list of surveys. Read and accept the consent, and then complete the survey.

The data generated from a patient perspective will be shared with a global COVID-19 data initiative organized by the MS International Federation and the MS Data Alliance. Researchers are also collaborating with the NMSS/CMSC clinical data collection effort, which has also recently launched. 

For more information about the COVID-19 in MS study, FAQs are available. Questions may be directed to info@iConquerMS.org.

People who join iConquerMS to participate in this study will also be able to participate in other research activities, such as our REAL MS study that follows people affected by MS over time to track their health and wellness. 

The iConquerMS network is an online research community that is open to all people affected by MS.

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